From Jesus to J-Setting

Religious and Sexual Fluidity among Young Black People

From Jesus to J-Setting details the experiences of Black people with diverse sexual identities from ages eighteen to thirty years old. The work examines how the intersection of racial, sexual, gender, and religious identities influence self-expression and lifestyle modalities in this understudied, often hidden population, by exploring how racial, sexual, and religious dynamics play out.

Voices in the book illuminate a continuum of decisions—from more traditional (i.e., Black church participation) to nontraditional (i.e., dancing known as J-Setting and spirituality)—and the corresponding beliefs, values, and experiences that emerge under the ever-present specter of racism, homophobia, heterosexism, and for many, ageism.

Drawing upon sociology, sociology of religion, black studies, queer studies, inequality, stratification, and cultural studies, Sandra Lynn Barnes explores the everyday lives of young Black people with fluid sexual identities and their everyday forms of individual as well as collective resistance.

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  • publisher
    University of Georgia Press
  • publisher place
    Athens, Georgia
  • series title
    Sociology of Race and Ethnicity